cheerio for a while.

In which I say "farewell" for the time being (but not forever). I shall be returning when I have something of life to write, besides piano and school. Because honestly, that's mostly all I do, as of late - and even I bore of writing about when I cried over Vivaldi.

At any rate. I could probably spend the time I spend blogging finishing that science test that's complaining in a tirade of hurt feelings.



  1. Oh no! Come back! I'm not bored, I assure you!

  2. Awrh! Never fear. . .by the time I've caught up on life, I'll have loads of awkwardness to write about. :)

  3. I'll miss ya (and your cute awkwardness) . . . but I guess it's good to take a break. Don't leave for long!!


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