See that door?
I'm painting it. Along with everything that ever existed in this house. If you see the guy who slapped on a coat of sloppy paint all over the original wood trim, walls, and floor of our abode - please stop him and punch him in the face for me.

In other news. I'm napping with my baby right now and trying to figure out how I'll paint that door, finish all my projects, plan a bridal shower, and weed the really ugly front garden. I can probably scratch off the garden, because the plants I bought are definitely going to die anyday soon.
Let's end on a happy note: baby Ella's fuzzy hair. This picture makes me die. :)


My 6 Month Blessing

Crazy how six months ago I was drinking castor oil and walking up and down five stories of stairs in incessant impatience to meet you. We interacted through kicks at 4am and rib jabs at noon. I was technically a momma, but I still had my own side of the bed and could shower alone if I wanted to.

Then one day we finally met! I got to kiss your wet head as you grasped my fingers for the first time. I changed your first diaper in the dark and fumbled with the velcro because this was my first diaper in a long time. You slept all night on my chest, and pretty much have ever since. Those first few months were tough! You were just a baby girl and I was just a baby momma. Ellie, you really were a grouchy baby and I had a lot of trouble keeping you happy and doing anything besides nursing or holding you.

Eventually, you discovered how much fun bath time is, but now you will only sit in the bath tub (because lying down is for babies, of course!) Your army crawl is in full swing, but you're not very happy about getting stuck under tables, or when I leave the room. If I need a second alone, you'll be a happy camper in your high chair and even happier if I let you squish a banana.
But you're so messy, I usually don't give you bananas. :)

We call you our little velociraptor because you screech when you wake up in the morning! You also take it upon yourself to wake up daddy, usually by slapping him in the face or spitting up all over his arms. That really gets him out of bed, doesn't it?! Tickle torture is your favorite, but I think you love kisses almost just as much. Either way, they make you squeal like a piggy.

The other day, you were flirting with a group of boys at Wendy's. It's pretty hard to say no to your gorgeous blue eyes. You're gonna give me lotsa grief, girl!

So stay little.
Keep being your quirky cute self.
I'm so glad I get to be your mama. ♥♥♥


DIY Baby Toms

I am so excited to share this newest Pinterest project with you guys! This has been sitting in the back of my mind before I was even married. If that doesn't describe the extent of my procrastination, I don't know what does. Truthfully, it's easier to get excited about baby booties now that I have a willing model, but these are so cute that I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to make a pair of these! Let's get to it, shall we?

The Tutorial

Leisha over at Homemade Toast has blessed the Pinterest world with her free TOMS inspired baby and toddler bootie pattern. You can buy the epattern for $4.50 or take the time to scale the freebie pattern to size. If you're okay spending money and aren't comfortable improvising, I would highly suggest splurging so you can get the right size!
But if you're me, you can just wing it through many tears and seam rippers and save a whopping $5.
(hey, every bit counts!)
As always, it's a bit tricky sewing with a baby, but I managed to whip a pair of these in under two hours (took me about an hour the second time around. Oh yes, you heard right. The second time around.)

Tips & Tricks

My best estimate for the free baby TOMS pattern size would be 9-12months. However, Ella has little fairy feet, so I might be wrong! Anyway, I measured her little chubby toes and added an inch on for seam allowance and scaled the pattern to size (don't ask how, I'm not even sure myself!)

When she tells you to run the elastic through - run it through and gather it nice and tight. My first pair didn't stand a chance staying on wiggling baby feet! The heel flap/tag was too short (wah!) and the second time I opted for a piece of ribbon on instead, sewing it 1/4" from the top for the elastic.

My best advice for this pattern is to slip the bootie on your babies foot before you sew on the sole of the shoe. Then you can adjust if the sides need to be let in a bit. Again, probably easier if you just buy the pattern in the right size. But since I winged it, I ended up chopping the the sides/heel pattern piece almost in half so it would fit on baby Ella's foot!
It seems like such a yucky disaster right at the end! Don't worry, it's adorable once you turn it inside out!

The other tricky part was that cute little elastic on the top of the shoe. Cute, but such a pain. You'll love yourself for cutting the pattern with the grainline arrow parallel to the selvage. Just trust me, don't be a sewing prick and disengage from the rules of pattern cutting. As you can guess, the above picture proves my lack of pattern knowledge. *facepalm*

What did I tell you!? Do they come in my size! I think the floral corduroy is so cute, but I already have plans to snag some leather at Joann's and make this all over again!

Fabric Suggestion

In my first attempt, I used plain ole cotton from my fabric stash. It worked, but the heavier corduroy definitely held the shape of the shoe better. The good news is this doesn't use very much fabric (less than 1/2 a yard, for sure!) so go out to Joann's with a 40% off coupon and buy some good quality canvas! I swear, I'm so in love with these I'm going to make Ella about a million.

P.s. I don't believe in expensive interfacing. I just put some quilt batting inbetween the sole layers of the shoe. :)
As you can see, my first attempt was a bit wonky. This was before I found some wide elastic hanging around, so I used some of the lining fabric for the top embellishment. These are monstrously too big for my little Ellie Bug, but she'll grow into them for sure!
Here they are! Can you tell I'm in love with our original wood flooring in the sunroom? Hehe. :)
Ella, of course, thinks these are some new form of food. Yum!

Final Verdict

Sew away, babes.
If you own a baby, a sewing machine, and a stashful of fabric - what the heck is stopping you. GO NOW. You need to try these and chuckle over how cleverly DIY you are, and you'll save some $$ by buying baby shoes at the store that your child will outgrow in a week.

Cheers, cheers, cheers!
~ Bethany